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Macadamia Nutcracker

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    1.  Feeding adjustable by storage adjustment
    2.  6 stages of blade for sizes of nut
    3.  Be able to sharpen the blade
    4.  Easy to clean
    5.  Silent
    6.  Durable
    7.  Spare part available
    8.  Continuous working
    9.  Capability 50 nuts/minute or 3,000 nuts/hour
    10.Compact size, easy to move
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    How it Works
    Put the macadamia nuts into storage, nuts will be flown through feeder to cracking process.
    Component of Craker
    1.Cone rotation with Blade around rotating for moving through centrifugal force
    2.6 Vertically Trapezoid Blade shape which be adjustable to suit with cracking function
  • Component

    • Housing : Steel
    • Blade : Harden Steel
    • Storage : 5 Litres
    • Weight : 57 Kg. (not include motor)
    • Motor : 1HP-4P-220V. or 1HP-4P-380V.
    • Pulley : 1:1
    • Transmission : 1:20
    • Speed of rotation : 70 round / minute
    Picture of Components
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    Storage  Feeder    Cone Rotation

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    6 Trapezoid       Transmission
    Blades (adjustable)      1:20     
    1. Always brush cleaning
    2. Blade sharpening for efficiency
    3. Checking belt tighten
    4. Checking position of blade to suit with size of Macadamia Nut
    5. Close the storage for dust protection
    In case of breaking, switch off and checking for electricity off before repairing or call technician for assistance.