Calculating floor area for install Power Roof Ventilator

Calculating floor area for install Power Roof Ventilator

For model : AV-G1248, AV-G1264, AV-G1296, AV-G33184#B, AV-G33206#B, AV-G01184#B, AV-G01208#B และ AV-G01206#B

  1. Calculating the volume of the building
    (put the size of the building)
    Wide x Long x High
      90 x 120 x 5
    Volume of the building = 54,000.00 m2
  2. Calculating the volume of air must transplant out

    Select the deployment to determine the amount of air to flow out of the building by the AIRCHANGE / hour which is defined as operating conditions
    Style deployment
    (installation point)
    Number AIRCHANGE / HR.
    Warehouse 5-7.5
    Repair plant / Factory 10-15
    Machinery room/ Plant 15-25
    Kitchen (with a lot of heat). 25 or more
    Spray Booth/ Dry Booth 30-100
    Formula Volume of building x AIRCHANGE / HR. ÷ 60 minutes
      54,000.00 x 25 ÷ 60
    The air must transplant out = 22,500.00 CMM
  3. To find the number of fans that will be installed

    The ability of ventilation fan of each model is
    AV-G1248     =     165 CMM.
    AV-G1246     =     180 CMM.
    AV-G1298     =     275 CMM.
    AV-G1296     =     325 CMM.
    AV-G33184#B     =     50 CMM.
    AV-G33208#B     =     90 CMM.
    AV-G33206#B     =     111 CMM.
    AV-G01181#B     =     50 CMM.
    AV-G01208#B     =     90 CMM.
    AV-G01206#B     =     111 CMM.

    The formula for fan (Select models fan to be installed from the top) MODEL: AV-G1298 (example)
    The air must transplant out ÷ The ability of the fan required = The number of fans that will be installed.
    22,500.00 ÷ 275.00 = 81.82 set

    *** Calculating may vary depending on operating conditions. Each building has different conditions. ***
    Note : An example of this calculation is the installation of a ventilation fan for Machinery room/ Plant