Artith was established as the first shop in Thailand producing 12” diameter turbine ventilator under trade name of “Artith Ventilators” which was registered in the name of Artith Ventilators Ltd., Part in 1984. For more than 25 years, Artith has been proven for high quality wind-turbine ventilators for industrial and household use.

Due to the decreasing of world environment nowadays makes us an inspiration to develop a new product under the concept of conservative energy and eco-friendly product. Artith proudly introduce “New Energy Ventilators (NEV)”. NEV has been developed originally from our Artith's product “Natural Roof Ventilators” which primarily ventilates hot air and circulates fresh air by adding more advantage of generates electric power which can create and collect electric power sourcing by wind energy. NEV can save energy cost and help you as an emergency energy in case of any disaster (hurricane, flood etc.) and whereas lost of electricity.

NEV would still ventilate and create electric power simultaneously by not effecting each other efficiency.

NEV can work normally even in lower wind speed and when there have higher wind speed NEV can save more power under the principle of PWM (Pulse Width Modulated). Battery are charged with a high tempo, high-frequency current to enhance the charge.

One question during developing process of NEV is how can we balance between the valued added (generate power) with primary effciency (exhaust hot air). The mutual solution comes from an intelligent control which is MCU (Micro Controller), the newest version MCU are able to manage the best way to convert the wind energy to be an electric power and send back to ventilate when there is no wind from the outside as well.

New Valued Added of New Energy Ventilator (NEV)

  • Ability to generate electrical power by natural wind and store in battery. The system will give you a various advantages such as LED Lighting, battery charger, mobile phone charger, emergency light and etc.
  • When the absence of wind, the system will return an electrical power from battery back to motorize fan itself. It said that “NEV is a never-stop ventilator”.

Eco - Friendly Product

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable or Alternative
  • Energy: Emergency Energy
Graph showing wind speed rate with the relationship between Electric Power and Power Amp

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New Energy Venlator

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